Customised Solutions

"I can't find any suitable software for our processes"

You have a successful business, but generic softwares just can't manage it, and now that it is scaling up, excel sheets are piling up, and it is hard to control the business.

Our solution: Customised Business Application

[1] Specifically developed with your business process in mind, such as work flow, approval, reporting, access right

[2] All business concepts already available: Customers, Delivery Orders, Work Orders, Invoices, Payments, Currency, etc..

[3] Fully integrated with any Odoo Apps: Sales, Warehouse, Accounting, HR and many more.

[4] Open Database: Great for Data Analytics, Dashboards, Reports with external Business Intelligence Tools

[5] API for connecting with external applications

[6] Connect any hardware through IoT protocols

[7] Mobile Apps

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